The Roan
The Roan
The Roan
The Roan
The Roan
The Roan

The Roan

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Our lightweight windbreaker jacket was birthed
out of one of the windiest coldest nights
of my life spent atop the Roan Highlands
hiking a section of the Appalachian Trail.
Hiking in the darkness to reach our next
stop. The wind gusts beat us mercilessly
through the night. Finally we found a place
to setup camp around a small section of
Firs to divert the winds atop Jane Bald.
We barely slept that night because of this
unrelenting wind. Groggy and sleepy eyed
the next morning we awoke to a surprisingly
calm morning to one of the most
breath taking hikes of our entire lives over
the next section. Which is why this windbreaker
is aptly named the Roan which will
keep you sheltered in the harshest of wind gusts.